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Non-profit/Church | General Contractor/Adaptive Reuse | 28,500 SF | Minneapolis, MN

The adaptive reuse project of Redemption Church involved the extensive transformation of an outdated, 28,500 dairy warehouse located in NE Minneapolis into a state-of-the-art, vibrant church campus. The goal for the space was to provide the perfect location and vibe for their rapidly expanding ministry.

After the warehouse purchase was complete, Welsh Construction began converting it into a large sanctuary assembly space. This process was chock full of challenges and surprises. One of the anticipated challenges was erecting over 1,100 tons of structural steel within the existing confined space. Before the steel could be hauled in and hoisted up, the team had to install 193 helical piers to a depth of 22’ within holes in the existing floor slab. During this phase, the team uncovered an unknown underground
rail spur, which halted all construction. This discovered tunnel network measured an astounding 230’ long by 15’ wide and 5’ deep. Mitigating this obstacle took nearly 2 months of careful engineering. As soon as approvals
were received, the construction crew was able to resume progress, and added additional support and even deeper underground piles.


Installing the immersive lighting and sound experience within the sanctuary was another aspect of the project that required thorough communication. The AV team was located out-of-state, which meant most of the coordination was remote. Close communication and digital
integration with the subtrade structural steel, acoustical, mechanical, and electrical partners were vital for this process.

Despite all complications and delays, the project was miraculously completed on time and the church community is thriving! Since opening, attendance on Sunday mornings has increased by 35%.

Minnesota Real Estate Journal Commercial Construction 2023 Project of the Year -  Finalist

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