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We'd love to start exceeding your project goals. 

Our team utilizes several best practices to ensure we deliver as promised, we call this “The Welsh Way”. Our individualized approach allows us to cater every timeline to fit your goals but below we have laid out our tried and trusted process. 


• Review lease agreement with regard to the work letter and building improvements.

• Develop and manage project budget in relation to design outcomes, construction scope, and construction schedule.

• Provide budgets that aid in lease negotiation.

• Schedule weekly meetings and create meeting minutes
format to capture key decisions and outcomes as well as identify key decision response deadlines.


Start Strong / Stay Strong / Finish Strong


• Provide construction leadership during the design process including the schematic, design development, and construction documentation phases.

• Process meeting minutes for all meetings to capture key decisions and outcomes, as well as identify key decision response deadlines.

• Maintain project schedule with timeline management for all identified project phases.

• Reconfirm projected budget construction scope and schedule.

• Identify long lead items and facilitate early acquisition as required.

• Lead with value engineering process as to help align the design outcomes with the project budget. These measures are weighed against the project goals identified in the pre-design phase.

• Identify program processes for communication with regard to approvals, reporting and submittals, accounting and implementation, and executive summaries.




• Lead competitive bid process with pre-approved specialty contractors.

• Site Visits - Complete an investigation of existing site to determine any potential issues.

• Develop a detailed final project estimate based on firm bids from specialty trades. 

• Provide a Master Project Schedule to identify and monitor approvals and key milestones for all phases of the project, including Real Estate, Design, Permitting, Construction, FF&E installation, Commissioning and Start-up, and all Critical Path issues.



• Lead construction effort on behalf of clients' interests. 

• Manage project control budget in relation to final design documents.

• Identify process for communication between building management architect, and the client with respect to documentation, submittals, and approvals.


Direct construction team meetings regularly throughout the construction process.

• Manage Change Order process including quantifying and qualifying all COs and presenting them for approval.

• Lead all construction activities to ensure quality workmanship is being carried out by all trades and vendors.

• Process monthly pay applications including managing all lien waivers, partial lien waivers, and retention.




• Project Acceptance and Punch List – Coordinate the project punch list and ensure that the project is inspected and any deficiencies repaired prior to final turnover to client.

• Manage the close out process and ensure that all close out documentation is provided.


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