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Education, Nonprofit | Tenant Improvement | 12,300 SF | Eden Prairie, MN

As PiM Arts High School (formally Mainstreet School of Performing Arts) continued to see increased enrollment, they knew they soon outgrow their existing space. When deciding whether to expand or find a new location PiM Arts looked at several buildings and decided to make the move from Hopkins to Eden Prairie. 

The new Eden Prairie space was an existing school that needed a complete renovation.  Welsh Construction was hired for phase 1: demolish the interior and build new performance studio wing. Welsh’s goal was to maximize PiM’s budget so they spent several months pricing and evaluating options to build specialty flooring, acoustic practice rooms and stage. Along with Welsh’s custom built spaces, special acoustic baffles were used throughout the project to absorb sound after the school decided to remove the acoustical ceiling. When Phase 2 is complete, the finished project will be a school that amplifies the experience for all students that fill its halls.

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