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Healthcare | Medical Office Building | Tenant Build-Out | 16,780 SF | Woodbury, MN
Healthcare | Medical Office Building | Tenant Build-Out | 11,566 SF | Roseville, MN

In 2015, Central+Priority Pediatrics, a Woodbury-based clinic run by 22 board-certified pediatricians, wanted to relocate from their original 13,300-square-foot clinic. Their goal was to expand their visibility, better serve their patients and improve their brand in an increasingly competitive healthcare marketplace.


With MSP Commercial working as the developer, Welsh Construction built a new 30,000 square-foot building, adjacent to multiple retail sites and amenities. The new space included 35 exam rooms, an x-ray room and a laboratory. Central Pediatrics leases 17,000 square feet of the building. Welsh’s expertise in the complex real estate needs of the healthcare industry allowed them to complete this project in much less time than originally anticipated.


Three years later, the clinic looked to relocate another
existing office location in St. Paul into a new space. Taking over a former retail space in a strip mall, Welsh had a tight, 12-week timeline to demolish and build-out the space to mirror the Woodbury clinic’s usability, flow and aesthetics.


To convert the former music store into a state-of-the art clinic, extensive underground plumbing work was
required. After demolition work completed, the team
worked to re-build a high quality clinic with 24 exam
rooms, x-ray room, laboratory, conference room,
centralized “Doc Pod” (cubicle area for doctors), five
bathrooms, staff break rooms and storage space. All of this had to be done while coordinating between the clinic’s contracted services, such as the x-ray machine, furniture and DIRRT Walls, as well as numerous landlords, as the project spanned the sale of the property.

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