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Industrial | New Construction | 115,000 SF | Maplewood, MN

Our clients saw a need for a self storage facility in Maplewood, MN and set out to meet that need, with the desire to build the best in-class facility in their market.

With a tight budget, the project team relied heavily on a superb team of subcontractors to keep this project on track, without compromising craftsmenship, time, design or ultimately, our client’s expectations.

Welsh teamed up with a local subcontractor for the insulated metal wall panels and utilized a sub from Arkansas who specialized in an interior load-bearing stud system. Both of these hires saved significant costs for the client.

The project manager and superintendents worked closely together, pre-planning to ensure the project would be completed on-time, despite the 20 working days of weather-related delays.

One of our client’s goals when beginning this project was to maximize the site, getting in as many units as possible. The new site consists of 114,721 SF and 744 units.

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