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Nate Schoenecker Joins as Senior Project Manager and Leadership Team Member

Welsh Construction is thrilled to announce a significant addition to our Welsh team: Nate Schoenecker, who has joined us in 2024 as our new Senior Project Manager and as a key member of our Leadership team.

Nate brings with him a remarkable 18-year career in construction, starting from his early days as a laborer/carpenter to his most recent role as Senior Project Manager. Throughout his career, Nate has successfully managed a wide range of projects, demonstrating his expertise in strategic planning, risk management, and team leadership. His ability to deliver results consistently on time and within budget has earned him a stellar reputation in the industry.

More than just his technical skills, Nate is known for fostering a collaborative work environment where teamwork thrives. His inclusive leadership style and dedication to excellence align perfectly with Welsh company values, promising to enhance our project management practices significantly.

Looking ahead, Nate is eager to drive innovation and growth within our team. His forward-thinking approach and commitment to leveraging cutting-edge methods and technologies will undoubtedly lead us to even greater success.

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Nate. His arrival marks a new chapter for our team, and I am confident that together, we will continue to achieve excellence and accomplish great things.

Welcome aboard, Nate!


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