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Celebrating 45 Years of Welsh Construction

As we look back over the past 45 years, we naturally remember all the talented people who have spent much of their career at Welsh Construction and have built this into a great company. Many are still here at Welsh and others have created an honored legacy for us to follow.

The company was founded in 1977 by entrepreneur George Welsh and very soon Dennis Doyle joined as one of the first handful of employees. The firm thrived and the construction company grew to include other real estate services. George retired in 1988 and at his passing in 2005, Dennis commented this about his partner in a company email “George’s values – hard work, humility and ‘don’t blow your own horn attitude’ – these qualities are the DNA of Welsh today.”

Dennis Doyle and George Welsh, Founders of Welsh Construction

The company’s expansion continued under Dennis’s leadership including full real estate services of brokerage/leasing, property management, architecture, and facilities services. The construction company continued and operated as part Welsh Companies like the other divisions with separate leadership. Each of the divisions were very entrepreneurial and all competed in the marketplace with both internal and external clients. Dennis continued as CEO until 2010 when Jean Kane became his successor. In 2017, the construction company came full circle and was sold to three employees: Mike Schraad, Allen Overturf and Meghan Huber who all continue as the leadership team today for this commercial construction organization.

Mike Schraad, CEO; Meghan Huber, President; and Allen Overturf, CFO proudly carry on the values of the Welsh founders, 45 years later

Welsh Construction has had history of long tenured team members: in the last five years, two associates had 40 years of service at retirement and currently three team members are 25 over years with one getting very close to 40 years! That consistency of staff has been key to our long- term clients’ needs who place trust in the consistency of delivery from Welsh Construction.

As we reflect back to the firm’s beginnings, we continue to follow the entrepreneurial model in action where long-term employees and more recent team members engage clients with the same core values: Passion; Trust; Collaboration; Solution-Driven; and Intention. And the same traits of hard work, humility and ‘don’t blow your own horn’ continue to be passed on to a new generation of the Welsh Construction Team!


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