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Industrial | Design-Build, Tenant Improvement | 29,000 SF | New Brighton, MN

Hypertherm acquired AccuStream, a manufacturer of waterjet cutting products. To make room for growth, they found a nearby building that could be modified into a state-of-the-art manufacturing and office space, designed specifically for their needs. 

Welsh’s design-build team was brought in to turn Hypertherm’s engineers’ vision into a reality. The project was split into two phases to first tackle a research and development laboratory to be used as a prototype for the rest of the space. Various studies were conducted to make sure the lab would function exactly as it needed to. 

The updated space has full process piping, with a closed loop water system designed to recycle large amounts of water. Mechanical systems were upgraded, a 235-ton air-cooled chiller added, and alterations were made to the loading docks to better suit Hypertherm’s use of the building. Several JIT Rooms (short for “Just-in-Time”, a methodology for reducing production times), were incorporated to hold meetings to refine processes. By altering the schedule to complete exterior and interior work simultaneously, the team shortened the 10 month construction schedule to only 7 months. 

“Welsh was an effective partner in making our new building
work best for Hypertherm. For us, the new building is the
support structure we needed to help build our business.”


– Perry Seale,


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