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Medical |  General Contractor/Remodel  |  22,800  SF | Maple Grove, MN

 HLT Medical’s mission is to advance transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) through innovation, technologies and procedural techniques designed to achieve better, more predictable patient outcomes and improve quality of life for TAVR patients. Looking to gain more space and better use the space they already had at their Maple Grove office and lab facility, and with such a specific, sensitive type of work, they needed a partner they could trust. HLT (Heart Leaflet Technologies) saught a construction partner who could do the work in phases, focusing first on the laboratories, warehouse, restrooms and breakroom, with future plans of renovating their office area. 

As a tax-exempt project that would be owner-occupied during construction and features clean rooms and laboratories with sensitive equipment, careful planning and communication between all parties was extremely critical to the success of this project. 

With a complicated plumbing scope, we relied on a trusted trade partner, who provided excellent service and communication throughout the project. A Dry Fire Suppression system was also installed for this project, due to the type of chemicals the lab stores on site.

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