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Retail | Exterior Renovation | 5,500 SF | Edina, MN

Since 1998, Bremer Bank has been working with Welsh Construction on many important construction projects, including the  exterior remodel of the Minnetonka branch office. So when Bremer decided to upgrade their office in Edina the following year, they called upon the Welsh team to once again update an aging facade to meet their brand and image.  

The Edina office design, by architect Nat Shea of Tanek, incorporated Bremer’s signature “eyebrow” element and clerestory windows to identify the location as part of the Bremer financial system.  An expanded glass entry and new signage guides a customer easily into the bank and the upgraded landscaping opens the sightlines to the building, creating more visibility and curb appeal. 




““We are very proud of our new facility and know that the Welsh team’s adherence to detail, diligent work ethics and managing a critical deadline will assist in our success. We are very grateful for the positive attitude expressed by all and look forward to working with you on future projects.”
-Kathy Tucci, VP Facilities, Bremer Bank

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